Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Just Coffee Cups double wall coffee cups are the perfect combination of increased quality and cost effectiveness.  Just Coffee Cups double wall coffee cups come in three distinct styles.  The first design incorpoates a grahic that lists several set against a white coloured cup.  The graphic on the first design is perfect for vendors looking to simply the order process, because it allows vendors to indicate which style of coffee is in their cup.  The second design we offer uses a texturing technique known as embossing, in order to create a cup with a unique feel.  The third design utilizes a vertical bar design and is presented in matte black.

Double Wall Coffee Cups provide that extra layer of heat resistance:

The addition of a second wall provides the coffee cup with an added layer of heat insulation.  An additional layer of heat insulation is perfect for preventing heat transfer from the beverage to the customer’s hand.

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