Coffee Cup Lids

Just Coffee Cups offers a matching sipper lid for every size of cup in the product range. Just Coffee Cups matching lids come in two colours, white and black.  Just Coffee Cups lids fit tightly around all of our styles of coffee cups.  Use of Just Coffee Cups lids facilitates the transportation of the coffee cup, by preventing spills and contamination of the beverage.”

Coffee Cup Trays

Just Coffee Cups offers two styles of coffee cup tray, a 2 + 2 design and a carry handle design.  The two styles of coffee cup tray offered by Just Coffee Cups provide the customer with versatile options for transporting their coffee cups.

The 2 + 2 coffee cup tray can be used to carry either two or four coffee cups.  The capacity of the 2 + 2 coffee cup ray can be altered from four cups to two cups, simply by separating the tray in half using the punctures in the tray.

The coffee cup tray with handle is ideal for making the transportation of your coffee cups easier.  The coffee cup tray with handle is able to carry two cups at once.