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One of the things we love the most about our work, is the opportunity to meet various people and businesses within the coffee industry.  In particular, we especially like meeting new coffee roasters and getting to sample their various products and blends.  A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet Anthony from That Coffee Company in Essendon Fields.  Anthony’s business is the definition of a boutique coffee bean roasting company, but size is not a limiting factor to variety.  During my meeting with Anthony it became apparent that he is a specialist coffee blender, and I loved the large variety of blends that he has available for sale.

Sampling all of the blends in Anthony’s range could take months, so I decided to begin with three blends recommended by Anthony.  The three recommended blends I sampled were Anthony’s “Golden Brown”, “Number 9”, and “CBD”.  Each of the blends I sampled were freshly roasted and full of flavour and character.  Overall I was impressed with the variety of flavours that Anthony had assembled and it is clear that Anthony is a master of his art.

Golden Brown is produced from a blend of Indonesian Coffee beans.  It is described as “luxurious coffee with chocolate tones, and a deep syrupy body”.  I sampled this blend in my usual morning cappuccino, and it blended very well with milk.  Golden Brown is a strong flavoured coffee, and is perfect for that first cup of the day.  Golden Brown has a long flavour, I drank it slowly in order to appreciate the detail that it presented.

Number 9 is a sophisticated blend that is produced from Columbian coffee beans.  It is described as having “a medium body, with a balanced acidic finish, and loads of flavour”.  Of the three blends that I sampled I liked Number 9 the most.  I found the blend to be medium flavoured with lots of subtle highlights.  I would describe Number 9 as a good after dinner coffee, that can be drank with or without milk.  The exceptional nature of this blend was not immediately apparent, especially after drinking a strong flavoured coffee, but it really stands out when you are accustomed to the flavour.

CBD has been specifically developed for Melbourne’s bustling city and is produced from Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans.  The blend is described as being “designed for chocolate lovers, with caramel and citrus tones”.  Once again I sampled the blend in my morning cappuccino, having noted that the blend is specifically designed for mixing with milk.   Personally, I preferred the long and sophisticated flavours offered by Anthony’s Golden Brown and Number 9 blends.  For me the CBD blend was too generic, but this may not be evident to all that sample the blend.

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