Water Preparation

The water used to make your coffee will have a significant impact upon the final taste of your coffee.  Therefore it is important to filter your coffee water prior to brewing.  Filtering your water does not need to be a complicated procedure.  A basic filter that is capable of removing metals and simple contaminants, will make a positive contribution towards the flavour of your coffee.  At Just Coffee Cups we are particularly fond of double filtering your coffee water.  Double filtering coffee water can be made simpler by using a coffee machine that incorporates a water system.

Water filtration also contributes towards the longevity of your coffee machine.  Through the boiling process that walls of the boiler in your coffee machine become coated with contaminant residue.  When contaminants accumulate on the walls of your boiler the effectiveness of the boiler is compromised and the water being boiled is more likely to become spoiled.  By filtering the water you place in your coffee machine, you can prevent the accumulation of contaminants upon the walls of your coffee machine boiler, and also help to improve the quality of the water being produced by your coffee machine.  At Just Coffee Cups we always recommend maintaining your coffee machine in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, which includes descaling your boiler regularly.

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