More Walls Are Better

At Just Coffee Cups we are determined to help you create the best customer experience possible, which is why we are passionate about coffee cups with multiple walls.  We love multiple walled coffee cups because they offer the greatest level of insulation.  Insulation is important in a coffee cup because it prevents the transfer of heat from the beverage to the customer’s hand.  By preventing heat transfer you make it easier for your customers to handle your coffee, and therefore create a better experience for your customer.  The enhanced customer experience created by the “more walls are better” principle, will give you an advantage over your competition and cement your brand in the customer’s head.

When referring to multiple walled coffee cups we are specifically referring to double and triple walled coffee cups.  Double walled coffee cups are the minimum standard, because double walled coffee cups feature an air break between their layers.  An air break between layers creates space between the beverage and customer’s hand, therefore preventing heat transfer from the beverage and customer’s hand.  In theory direct contact between the beverage and customer’s hand creates the most discomfort, conversely the smallest amount of contact between the beverage and customer’s hand creates the most comfort.

The triple wall coffee cup represents the pinnacle of the Just Coffee Cups brand because it offers the greatest levels of insulation.  In conjunction with the air breaks found in our double wall coffee cups, the triple wall coffee cup contains an extra layer of paper.  A third layer of paper offers greater levels of insulation because it allows the cup to absorb increased levels of heat.  Theoretically if the coffee cup is able to absorb heat the amount of heat flowing from the beverage to the customer’s hand will become reduced.

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