Handling and Storing Coffee Cups – Best Practices

The manner in which you handle and store your coffee cups is important, because it ensures the integrity of the cup and ultimately contributes towards your customer’s satisfaction.  At Just Coffee Cups we have been investigating the best methods for handling and storing our coffee cups, and our conclusion was that it is easy create an environment that produces the best performance from our coffee cups.  In the paragraphs below we have detailed our suggestions for storing and handling our coffee cups.

The manner in which you store your coffee cups has a direct impact upon the life and quality of the coffee cup.  Obviously you do not want to store coffee cups in moist or damp conditions, as moisture acting on the unsealed components of the coffee cup have the ability to saturate and spoil the coffee cup.  We do not recommend that significant amount of weight are place on coffee cups when they are being stored, specifically we do not support placing other boxes on top of your coffee cup boxes.  At Just Coffee Cups we ship all of our coffee cups in stacks that are packaged into plastic sleeves, we strongly recommend that our coffee cups are stored within their plastic sleeves, because our plastic sleeves act as a barrier between outside elements and our coffee cups.

It is important to handle your coffee cups with the appropriate level of consideration to the nature of the product.  We recommend that users remove coffee cups from their stacks with the appropriate level of force and feel.  When too much force is applied while removing cups from their stack, sometimes the outer sleeve can become detached from the inner cup.  By massaging a difficult cup from it’s sleeve, as opposed to using excessive force, it is possible to avoid ruining the coffee cup.  Being mindful of the coffee cup lip is one of the best ways to maintain the quality of the coffee cup, because the coffee cup lip interacts with the coffee cup lid.  Always try to prevent damage to the coffee cup lip from occurring, so that your lids will securely attach to your coffee cups.

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