Coffee Bean Storage

The perfect coffee begins with the perfect bean.  While different tastes are associated with differenet types of coffee bean, all beans must be stored in the same way in order to preserve their quality and usefulness.  When considering coffee bean storage a distinction must be made between whole beans and ground beans.  For the perfect coffee ideally one is grinding their own beans prior to making the coffee, therefore we will begin by discussing storage of whole beans.

One generally obtains their whole beans in freshness preserving foil bags.  Foil bags are great for storing whole coffee beans because they create ideal climatic conditions for storing coffee beans.  Climate control is important when storing coffee beans because they prevent the bean from spoiling due to moisture, heat or contaiminants.  When beans are removed from their original packaging, it is imporant to transfer them into a vessel that will also be able to provide a climate controlled environment.  A suitable vessel for the storage of coffee beans could be a plastic container with a lid or a metal container with a lid.  Once you have transferred you coffee beans into a suitable vessel, it is good idea to store the vessel in a cupboard.

We recommend that one stores ground coffee beans for the shortest period possible, ideally you should be grinding fresh beans before every cup of coffee that you make.  You should grind fresh coffee beans before each coffee you make, because the grinding process breaks down the coffee bean.  When a coffee bean is broken by grinding it becomes more susceptible to environmental influences.  One of the biggest environmental factors affecting the quality of a ground coffee is moisture.  Ground coffee that is too moist will not travel through your coffee machine (Group Head) at a correct rate (Flow Rate), which ultimately will have a negative effect on the qaulity of your coffee.  The biggest mistake one can make when storing ground coffee is to store it in the fridge!!  If one chooses to store ground coffee always do it for a short time, grind fresh where possible, and store the gound coffee in an vessel that keeps it free from environmental influences.

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