Shopping using the Just Coffee Cups website is simple.

Begin by selecting the Products Products Page at the top of the website, or by selecting the Product Catergory you are interested in by using the products category menu on the left hand side of the website homepage.

Selecting either the Products Page or a Product Category will allow you to view the full range of products offered by Just Coffee Cups.

By clicking on a particular Product Category in the Products Pages, you will be able to view all items within available within that particular Product Category.

For further information about individual products, select the View Details tab. The product’s detail’s page provides information concerning the product specifications, pack sizes, number of packs per carton, total number of pieces per carton, and product pricing.

in order to make purchases you will need to use the shopping cart facility.

To use the shopping cart facility you will need to register for a website account. Registering for a website account is a simple process. By registering for an account you are providing us with information that will help with processing and sending your order.

Once you have registered for an account you will have access to the Shopping Cart facility.

Through the Shopping Cart facility you will be able to purchase products, specifiy the quantities of a product that you are purchasing, make payment for your purchase, and detail the delivery address for your order.

Followng the steps in the Shopping Cart will take you through the process, from product selection to payment and order confirmation.

In order to successfully place an order with Just Coffee Cups, you will need to provide the following information; Email Address, Shipping Address, Billing Address, Credit Card Details, and a Contact Number.

You can shop with confidence using Just Coffee Cups, because we use a secure payment system, which ensures that your personal information remains private and protected.

Once your order has been finalized, Just Coffee Cups will send you an email confirming your order and advising you of the tracking information for your shipment.