That Coffee Company

One of the things we love the most about our work, is the opportunity to meet various people and businesses within the coffee industry.  In particular, we especially like meeting [...]

The Year That Was

Our staff at Just Coffee Cups sampled many different varieties of coffee bean throughout 2015.  We found that our experiences were diverse, pleasing and exciting.  Of course there were a [...]

Handling and Storing Coffee Cups – Best Practices

The manner in which you handle and store your coffee cups is important, because it ensures the integrity of the cup and ultimately contributes towards your customer’s satisfaction.  At Just [...]

More Walls Are Better

At Just Coffee Cups we are determined to help you create the best customer experience possible, which is why we are passionate about coffee cups with multiple walls.  We love [...]

Water Preparation

The water used to make your coffee will have a significant impact upon the final taste of your coffee.  Therefore it is important to filter your coffee water prior to [...]

Coffee Bean Storage

The perfect coffee begins with the perfect bean.  While different tastes are associated with differenet types of coffee bean, all beans must be stored in the same way in order [...]

What Coffee Knowledge Is About..

Our staff at Just Coffee Cups are coffee industry experts, combined we have over a decades experience working in the coffee industry.  Therefore we have dedicated this section of our [...]